Do you constantly Google to find out "How to ..."? This bot will revolutionize your life.

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Are you a hack programmer? Do you find yourself constantly Googling for how to do basic programming tasks?

Suppose you want to know how to format a date in python. Why open your browser and read through blogs (risking major distraction) when you can simply ask this bot. ☺️ @how_doiBOt

Made using ptb and howdoi.

Get instant coding answers from Stack Overflow in your Telegram chat. Save time and have fun.

A telegram bot for accessing gleitz/howdoi. Get instant coding answers. Telegram bot that answers your coding questions.

Get to the solution quickly without any distraction.

The bot is currently deployed. Check out @how_doiBOt on Telegram.

Take a look!


Check out the code on GitHub! And don't forget to 🌟.

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