Start chatting with Python on Telegram

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I made a bot that speaks Python. Don't believe it? Check it out on Telegram @runPython_bot.

This bot basically runs your Python code or evaluates a valid pythonic expression and returns the result.

For example, you say 'yo'*5 and the bot replies yoyoyoyoyo. Cool, isn't it?

Take a look at this gif.


This bot has been built using python-telegram-bot the popular wrapper for Telegram's Bot API.

Check out the source code of this bot on GitHub. Stars :star: and Contributions :fire: are most welcome.

{% github aahnik/run-py-bot %}

I don't want to write much. Explore the bot yourself.

And definitely try to make it do some hard work by giving it some long calculations or maybe try infinite loops.

You may access Python's docs through the bot by running the help() function.

For example: try giving help(str.upper).

If you are giving an expression to the bot like 4 <= 5 please use the /e command, like /e 4 <= 5.

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Why waiting? Try out the bot.

Share the bot in your telegram groups and channels.

And if you have any questions, you may ask in the comments below, or create an issue in the GitHub repo of this project.

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