This telegram bot built with Python and FFmpeg allows you to watermark photos and videos, on the fly

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Telegram has become a fantastic alternative to WhatsApp and many people are loving it. It also has channels, where you can broadcast your feed to a large audience. Kinda like Twitter.

Are you a content creator or someone who shares lots of videos/images/infographics/gifs on a Telegram channel?

Then watermarking is a fantastic way to boost your brand image. Using a separate app or video editor is time-consuming, especially if you are producing content on the go, all the time.

I made a telegram bot that applies watermark on images, gifs, and videos.

{% github aahnik/telewater %}

How does this bot work?

It is simple.

  • First of all, you create a bot account with the help of BotFather in Telegram.
  • You deploy the bot to a remote server or run it locally on your computer.
  • You send a video/image/gif to the running bot. It will instantly watermark it and send it back to you.
  • You can also add your bot as an admin to a group or channel. It will apply a watermark when you post a new media.

The bot is being actively developed. More new features have most probably been added when you are reading this.

For getting all the latest updates, join this telegram channel @tele_water(ad-free).

You can also star and watch the repository on GitHub.

This GitHub repository also has detailed documentation about all the following stuff related to the bot.

For any further help, feel free to create an issue in the GitHub repo.

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